The Power of Presence

The Power of Presence

More and more Research demonstrates that mindfulness-based therapies are effective at treating an ever-widening variety of issues. My experience bears this out as well. I have enjoyed seeing the benefits of thisre approach to therapy with the following concerns:

Anxiousness/Stress - Feeling that you just can’t relax. You’re body feels tight, as if constantly bracing for the worst. Sleep problems - Trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or just putting yourself to bed (see escapism).

Trauma, Major and Minor - Trauma can be defined as any event that hardened your heart. Major trauma's often have a life-threatening aspect (Being afraid of or subject to grave bodily injury of yourself or others). Traumatic events that have not been fully processed (we all have these) continue to affect us in our current lives, even if we don't think about or can't even remember the event. 

Numbness/lack of enjoyment - Feeling that life has lost its color and luster. Feeling like you're disconnected from your heart and feelings. Here, life can feel meaningless.

Grief - The sadness and despair that can come from any loss. Loss comes in many forms, from the death of a person or beloved animal, to losses inherent in changes to our relationship or health, to expectations of our future or insights about our past.

Self-esteem - Getting down on yourself. Any form or degree of being unkind with yourself. Also known as shame.

Feeling Stuck - That quicksand feeling: the harder you struggle, the more stuck you get. Could be with behaviors, mental activity, or emotional themes.

Relationships - Whether it’s with family, friends, a lover, a roommate or a co-worker, when our relationships aren’t working, we don’t feel good.

Perfectionism - Motivation based on fear of rejection of ourselves or others. We tie our self-worth to the outcome of our endeavors. Often associated with escapism, procrastination, anxiety, and despair. Perfectionism is a cruel master.

Conflict Avoidance - Avoiding conflict can perpetuate stress, helplessness, and negative self-evaluation.

Life transitions- Whether it’s a change in housing, career, relationship or health, life transitions can be overwhelming and full of difficult decisions.

Spiritual crisis - Confronting the discrepancy between your beliefs and your life experiences can be scary and unsettling.

Identity crisis - A painful state of changing your ideas about “Who am I?” This could be a  question about your spirituality, your sexuality, your career, and everything in between.

Discipline/Procrastination - Having trouble starting or stopping a particular habit.

Presence-based therapy starts with a practice of being in the moment and becoming compassionate observers of ourselves. From this grounded vantage point, the truth of of our fears and desires can be effortlessly experienced and seen through. 

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When you (are present), you'll see that everything you've ever wanted and wanted to be you already have and are."
- I (Heart) Huckabees