Individual Counseling

Is therapy the right choice for me?

Psychotherapy, in my opinion, has done a horrible job at marketing itself. In general, I think signing-up for psychotherapy feels like having to take remedial summer classes on how to be a human being, as if you had missed or failed some course that "everyone else" has passed. And some therapists and therapy settings are actually operating with this belief in mind: "If you need psychotherapy, then something must be wrong with you." Nothing could be further from the truth! My experience is that people who come to therapy are dissatisfied with the "curriculum" they received and are looking for advanced studies so as to rise out of a chronic sense of frustration and stuckness, a condition which I see as the norm of human existence, not the exception! How many people do you know that are actually free, joyful, and peaceful? There is something so healthy and right to seek a trusted other's input and assistance in getting ourselves un-stuck! I don't see a way around that. Is therapy right for everyone? Probably not. There are other methods for healing and growth, of course. Want to talk about this more? I am happy to help you determine if psychotherapy is the best route for you - Contact me to set-up an appointment or a FREE 20-minute phone consult.

When you (are present), you'll see that everything you've ever wanted and wanted to be you already have and are."
- I (Heart) Huckabees