“We have not even to risk the adventure alone
for the heroes of all time have gone before us.
The labyrinth is thoroughly known ...


Deciding to start therapy takes courage in the true sense of the word: an action taken with a full heart.  So it is with my own heart-full-ness that I welcome you. You're welcome whether you’re feeling anxious, sad, angry, scared, numb, or depressed. No matter if your troubles feel really big or seemingly minor, from looking to explore the depth of life’s mysteries, to wanting to start a new habit, you are welcome here. Regardless of gender, sexuality, spirituality, race or ethnicity, you are welcome here. Here, you will be treated as a fellow traveler on your own unique path to wholeness. Here, there is compassion for what you’ve been through with a focus on your heart’s deepest desire: to experience the love, depth, and brilliance of your true being. Welcome!


Scott's Office

...And where you had thought to be alone, you shall be with all the world.” - Joseph Campbell

What I Offer

Brené Brown’s Research on wholeheartedness showed that quality of life is directly correlated with the degree to which people are courageous enough to be vulnerable in all aspects of their lives...and I agree!
The commonality of our “insanity” is the humor to be found in therapy.
Exploring the depths of what philosophy, spirituality (particularly the non-dual spiritualism of the east), and psychology have to offer to seekers of genuine and lasting happiness.

About Scott L. Fenton, PsyD

A licensed clinical psychologist serving the greater Madison, Wisconsin area, Dr. Fenton specializes in presence-based therapy. He has completed trainings Hakomi Therapy, and advanced trainings in EMDR. He is familiar with other mindful, somatic-based therapies as well, including Focusing Therapy.

"I love this work because it affects me, I am not a casual observer. Good therapy is a mutual process.

“In my mind, a good therapist doesn’t pretend to know the path of others. Rather, because they have themselves been lost so many times before, they know something about paths, about the deep, dark woods, and about finding one’s way. And they know the importance of a trusted companion.”

Scott's mission as a therapist is to meet people exactly where they are and create an environment of absolute acceptance. In such a space, where even the most vulnerable and fragile parts of ourselves feel safe and appreciated, a natural capacity for regulation, healing, strength, and wisdom comes effortlessly to life.

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Do You See Your True Value?

Most of us rarely, if ever, do. Yeah, I include myself in that. For example, despite some truly great experiences this past weekend, I struggled with procrastination, indecision on how to spend my time, and the resultant self-aggravation for either not getting more shit done, or being able to fully relax and appreciate life. Fortunately, I’ve learned to put these thoughts and feelings into perspective and see that my ego is running the show. But it still feels lousy.

It's All About You...and You.

Even those who tell me "I like who I am!" usually at some point come to a realization of self-loathing or shame somewhere in their being. Sometimes, the shame isn't even logical. For instance, I remember blaming myself for my car getting broken into and the stereo being stolen. I had paid the extra money for a stereo that a had a removable faceplate as a theft deterrent, but I hadn't bothered to remove it. It's not rational to blame the victim of a crime, but I still felt some shame about what had happened. Shame or self-blame is a common reaction when things go awry.

Longing to be More Authentic? Better Call Saul!

At times, I feel like I need to justify my Netflix watching habit. There is definitely some shame there. Admitting to regular watching, and occasional bingeing, of shows and movies found on the internet is counter to the image of "wise counselor," or "productive, responsible adult," that my ego would like to portray. Screw you, ego. Let me be me.


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Out beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there lies a field. I'll meet you there."
- Rumi

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