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Holiday Blues

My apologies for the long hiatus in posting. The truth is I've been busy, and I am grateful for it, but I got lost in the "to-do list," which is a rather uninspired place to be. Today I was fortunate enough to receive the grace to just slow down. Eventually I just sat, and I felt what was really happening while I was unhurriedly doing things: my heart and its swirl of emotions that had gathered over the last several weeks were all catching-up to me, like a dust cloud that catches-up to a speeding car that skids to a halt.

Making sense of the senseless

I find myself again affected by yet another human tragedy that seems so senseless. There's something particularly disturbing for us when we don't know, or see, a real reason for why such atrocities occurred. It makes sense that we try to understand; when we can come up with an answer to "Why?" then maybe we can avoid such violence befalling us and our loved ones again. Maybe we can fix it. While it is my personal belief that stricter regulation on firearms would reduce gun violence in this country, I'm under no illusion that it'll fix the problem altogether.

Do You See Your True Value?

Most of us rarely, if ever, do. Yeah, I include myself in that. For example, despite some truly great experiences this past weekend, I struggled with procrastination, indecision on how to spend my time, and the resultant self-aggravation for either not getting more shit done, or being able to fully relax and appreciate life. Fortunately, I’ve learned to put these thoughts and feelings into perspective and see that my ego is running the show. But it still feels lousy.


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All you need is already within you, only you must approach yourself with reverence and love. Self-condemnation and self-distrust are grievous errors . . .
- Nisargadatta Maharaj - I Am That